Why a boss cannot coach (Part II)

How often do I hear a Senior manager proudly tell me how much time they spend with their key staff; after work for drinks, opening a bottle of wine in the office and putting their feet up to talk, Friday afternoon pizzas, inviting them over to barbeque or swim, knowing their families, and the importance of making sure their staff…

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Why a boss cannot coach (Part I)

I hear senior management (whether CEOs, MDs, Directors, take your pick of title) increasingly say they're interested in coaching their key people, and more books (and speakers) trying to show how the boss can act as Chief Coach. It cannot be done, and the sooner a boss-or a subordinate-realises that, all the better for everyone. Here is why: The relationship…

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Wound-up exec

Phone call yesterday, senior software exec who just got a promotion and pay raise to run an AP sales division, doing what he likes to do..The promotion came from his old boss in the US, new boss in Asia doesn't seem as keen in letting him run the division, wants to get more involved with the day-to-day than this exec…

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