Our Logo

The tagline of Henry Hale Maguire is ‘Advancing Asian Talent’.

The logo itself is made of the letters “H” and “M” and an arrow. The arrow pointing up stands for advancement, or moving up.

The second “H” is formed in the negative space between the first “H”, the “M”, and the arrow, and may not be obvious at first glance. The hidden “H” represents how Henry Hale Maguire uncovers hidden talent.

Our logo was conceptualised and designed by Kaye Lam.

The Colours

Grey and Red were chosen as the brand colours.

The professionalism of grey is supported by the passion of red.

Red is also a symbol of good luck in many Asian countries, where Henry Hale Maguire operates.

Light cream was added to the colour palette as a complement to the strong red colour.