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Based in Singapore, Henry Hale Maguire began in 2008, and provides executive search, executive coaching, executive training and career transition services throughout Asia.

Executive Coaching

We help you raise your personal and professional game

Companies invest in their best performers, many of whom are more than willing to develop themselves. We work with such people to moderate their more challenging behaviours.

The main objective of executive coaching is to improve work performance, and do so through agreed and achievable measurements.

Coaching has a beginning, middle and end, and (at regular intervals) a reality check to see what progress is being made. Without sounding too corporate, we’d define it as individual behavioural project management. It is how to make someone better than they are, and ensure it becomes part of their life, not merely their work.

Learn more about the coaching process

Some of the steps in the coaching process are (but not limited to):

  • An initial meeting to ascertain rapport and trust, listen to the concerns that are believed necessary to address for future success.
  • We meets with the boss and some of the other senior management and make sure they are [indirectly] engaged in the process. Through the asking of standardised questions, we are able to get a reasonably good facsimile of the individual, and better insight for the coaching process.
  • We discuss the [anonymous] feedback with the coachee and have them do the Harrison Assessment (www.harrisonassessments.com). This is a comprehensive report, for which we work with the coachee to agree on personal strengths and challenges in order to ultimately craft their next career steps.
  • Together with the coachee, we agree on what which behaviours to work on and why, regular monitoring to see what changes are (or are not) occurring, what may require modification on both sides.
  • It is a process of development, never a straight line. But there is often an understanding of how to take a hypothesis of change, test it, see if the outcome works, and if so, replicate it until it becomes more habitual.

Our coaching style is of attentive listener and observer, being able to understand the coachee’s vantage point and providing ideas and suggestions from the outset.

We never pass judgement, but [nicely] challenge and develop our coachees in real time.

Executive Search

The right people for the right career

Using what we know about people, their abilities, attitudes and priorities, we present a variety of human capital solutions. Our service is bespoke–intimate, intuitive, subtle and specific.

We use a rigorous methodology, along with intuition, candour, honesty, trust, and an understanding of how people will most likely fit into a new role and new organisation.

We consider their aspirations, professional experience, motivation, integrity, personality and character, borne from years of experience in evaluating and placing C level Asia Pacific talent.

Our main practices are within Corporate Affairs, Consumer, Industrial and SCM; our network of talent in Asia is well developed, with regional scope.

For Individuals

Finding people is not the hardest component of a search. But ensuring a new hire will fit–and transition smoothly and confidently–is a collaborative exercise. We assess people in geographic and corporate cultures, and based on agreed upon client criteria, determine who is more likely to fit into a certain role. Such a process takes reflection, trust and communicative collaboration. Everyone deserves a company in which they can contribute and grow. Every company is entitled to find those who fit, grow, and will contribute in their new corporate setting.

For Organisations

Taking care of people is vital for business. Our clients recognise the benefits of well considered recruitment plans, carefully selected candidates and new employees that transition smoothly. We take on a search only when we fully understand the role and the culture of the organisation. We get “under the skin” in order to visualise and verbalise the role’s requirements. We work collaboratively and consultatively with our clients, exchanging thoughts in order to better calibrate and understand their expectations.

Offboarding (Outplacement)

We help you craft your next career steps

Conditions and circumstances are always in transition at organisations. Companies grow and hire, or pull in their belts and “re-org”, quickly or slowly.

When layoffs occur, there is almost always a need for offboarding coaching, mostly for senior level executives. Many have not thought about their “career” in decades, and need to rethink how to put themselves in the market in order to get comfortable with new job search techniques.

Learn more the offboarding coaching process

The offboarding coaching process involves 6 steps

  1. A one on one session to first understand the executive’s perspective and emotional state, and decide if he or she is ready to tackle the market. If so, we work with the individual to better understand the goals and agree on what is achievable.
  2. Work with the individual for their CV (often there is no CV, or it has not been revised in years). This is an important reflective step to write down strengths. accomplishments, interests and patterns, succinctly and clearly. A CV is marketing collateral if done well.
  3. Assess likes and dislikes, for which we use Harrison Assessment (www.harrisonassessments.com), a comprehensive report for which we work with the coachee to agree on personal strengths and challenges in order to craft their next career steps.
  4. We work on interpersonal and communicative skills, virtual/ face to face, old and new contacts, and how to formulate an A List and B List of individuals, companies, locations and how to both delineate and monitor progress.
  5. We create a bespoke ‘career advisory board’ for the individual so they are comfortable leaning on a few others for support and feedback
  6. We use our own comprehensive network to introduce the individual to other parties who would be interested in talking to help expand their profile and connections.

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