Henry Hale Maguire is a retained executive search and executive coaching firm based in Singapore.

Our work encompasses Asia-Pacific C-level roles and executives. We are known for executing ‘hard-to-fill’ regional searches, and for senior level executive coaching.


Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching

Companies invest in their best performers, many of whom are more than willing to develop themselves.

The main objective of executive coaching is to improve work performance, and do so through agreed and achievable measurements.

Executive Search

Executive Search

We uncover the right fit. “Finding” people is not what we do. We assess talent in geographic and corporate cultures, determining who will fit into a new company.

It takes work and thought and trust–and collaboration with both candidates and clients.

Offboarding Coaching (Outplacement)

Offboarding Coaching (Outplacement)

Companies grow and hire, or pull in their belts and “re-org”, quickly or slowly.

When layoffs occur, there is almost always a need for offboarding coaching, mostly for senior level executives.


Neal Horwitz, President

Neal is Founder of Henry Hale Maguire Pte Ltd, a coaching and search consultancy based in Singapore. He has lived in Asia for twenty four years, been involved in executive search for fourteen years and executive coaching ten years.

He is the author of The Art of the Smart; How to Steer Your Career, published in 2015.


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