Career Coaching And Swish, Swish..Kobe And The Changing Game Plan

Here are my career coaching thoughts on the changing game plan.

There was an article in today’s (6 Feb) IHT, dissecting the recent dysfunction of the Lakers; how they can’t play as a team, coaches come and go, the funk they can’t get out of, and so on. Kobe Bryant has apparently now changed from his usual role, dishing out more assists than points. The article quoted him when asked about how he and the team are evolving and trying to get back on track.

“I was probably born a scorer, but I was made a winner”, Bryant told reporters last week. “Whatever works, whatever wins championships, whatever wins games, that’s what I do.”

We all know shooters don’t win; teams do.. His comment was in a throwaway line at a post-game conference, but profound nonetheless.

Bryant may well have been born with one type of talent. But it was only after repeated work, over and over and over again that he came to understand he wanted to win more than to score-which is not a natural tendency among athletes—- or executives. It forces you out of your comfort zone to take on things you may have thought were well beyond you. But the goal is often worth the uncertainty. It’s a more mature outlook, not the “me me, over here!” yelp, but looking towards the horizon, and pacing yourself accordingly. Whatever wins games..

The Lakers teamwork is suffering, and I suppose time will tell if they snap out of it. But here are some thoughts to consider for your own coaching..

How many of you:
[list style=”circle”]

  • Know how to change from your usual role to another related one, and continue to be viewed or treated the same way?
  • Are comfortable taking centre stage, and equally comfortable in a supporting role?
  • Can step up and take control of the power that’s rightfully yours, even if others are not used to it?
  • Diplomatically let others know exactly what you’re contributing, and how you’re doing it?
  • Are able to manage your teammates and boss (or coach!) well enough to get results-more than once?
  • Get those results in a collaborative and fun way, the way the boss and coach want it done?
  • Are liked and respected at work (or on the court/pitch)
  • [/list]


    Written by Neal Horwitz, President of Henry Hale Maguire


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