Why we dislike writing CVs–but shouldn’t

Why We Dislike Writing CVs–but Shouldn’t

For many of us, writing our own CV is unpleasant, a thing to be put aside until it needs to be done. Often the resistance is because a CV rehashes the past, forcing you to highlight your genius, repeating how many times you've re-organised the company and saved the day. Seldom do we write–or talk–about ourselves in a grandstanding manner.…

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Friend or Foe? That Elusive “Fit” Of Diversity When Interviewing Candidates

Friend Or Foe? That Elusive “Fit” Of Diversity When Interviewing Candidates

Is it Granada I see Or only Asbury Park Is it a fancy not worth thinking of Or is it At Long Last Love? Cole Porter wasn’t writing about hiring people, but I am. When interviewing candidates, what elements do you gravitate towards? Intellect and academic pedigree? A common work history? Significant achievements? "Presence?" Hobbies? Are you aware of any…

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Don’t disappear into the job

Don’t Disappear Into The Job

The job won’t bury you; you can do that all by yourself. When I coach senior execs, I often find two different career groups. The first have recently gotten a new position, internally or externally. The second are looking for their next job (outside the company), and have not actively done so in years. This first group necessarily burrows away…

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